Saturday, September 27, 2014

How to Prevent ACDSeePro Commander 8 from Launching

One problem I have noticed with the new Windows version of ACDSee Pro 8, is that a program launcher has been added that runs continuously in the background and appears in the Windows taskbar.  

That's not such a big deal if you LIKE continuously running launcher programs that load every time you run ACDSee, that you have no control over, and can't be terminated outside of the task manager.  Personally I DON'T like that sort of thing and I don't understand why ACDSee doesn't give us the opportunity to prevent us from loading it in the first place. 

I don't have a problem with launcher programs in theory, I just want to control when they get loaded or if they get loaded at all.  

I can't believe this lack of user control was anything but an oversight that will eventually get fixed, but in the meantime, I've documented the steps to "fix" it from your end.

I have learned that by renaming ACDSeeProCommander8.exe file you can prevent it from loading at all with no apparent issues in running ACDSee Pro 8.  Here is how to do it:
  1. Launch Windows Explorer.
  2. Navigate to C:\Program Files\ACD Systems\ACDsee Pro\8.0 folder
  3. Scroll down till you fine ACDSeeCommanderPro8 (application) - See yellow arrow above.
  4. Right click that file and select rename from the pop up window and rename the file.
  5. press "Enter" and exit Windows explorer
BEFORE you do this renaming task, some advice: When I rename a file like this, I keep the name the same except for adding a "z-" in front of the name.  That way it is easy to find and to know the exact original name of the file.  Also adding a 'z-' to the front means that it will sort to the bottom of the file list if you sort by name.  Also very convenient for finding a renamed file.

Also note the BLUE arrow pointing to the acdIDInTouch2 application.  This file appears to control any communications between your PC and the ACDSee company.  I have renamed it as well with ALMOST no negative effects to ACDSee Pro 8 (so far, as I write this it's only been out 1 day!).

With "inTouch" disabled, I was still able to upload a photo to Flickr, but I was not able to check to see if updates were available.  It may, or may not, affect one's ability to interface with the ACDSee 365 online drive service.  I don't subscribe to ACDSee 365, so I don't have a way to test that.  Technically, this straddles the line as to whether or not this cripples ACDSee Pro 8.  I personally am inclined to keep it as a functioning portion of ACDSee pro.

Even though "InTouch" runs in the background continuously, it doesn't really seem to slow my system down any.  So I don't know if it is worth renaming or not.  To my knowledge ACDSee hasn't had a history of abusing this privilege that you, as a user, grant them.  So - no performance hit and no history of abuse tells me that the 'InTouch" program is not an issue for me. YMMV.

If I were asked by some bigwig from ACDSee why I would want to rename the Commander pro 8 application so it can't be loaded, I would say its use should be optional, it's just a loader, after all, and it adds no value to the ACDSee Pro user experience in my mind.  And once it is loaded, I for sure, should be able to exit out of the thing WITHOUT having to resort to the Windows Task Manager. In my mind, in it's current form, it's a dumb nuisance app that won't win ACDSee any friends.  


  1. Glen, I like your optimism when you say "I can't believe this lack of user control was anything but an oversight that will eventually get fixed,"- I disabled the intouch feature in V7 in much the same way only because there was no way of disabling the update notifications I was getting despite the fact I didn't want to update - I think it was just RAW updates. Good to see this method documented for future use

  2. There is also a program called ACDSeeInTouch running. Are you familiar with this one?


  3. Yes I am aware or it. I mention renaming it in paragraph 7 and do an analysis of whether or not to rename it or not!

  4. Renaming it is actually the best way to remove it. As an IT guy I typically always recommend a safe disable procedure - like MSCONFIG and removing the offending executable from the Startup tab. This is a best practice.

    However (and this is the really interesting tin foil hat stuff) InTouch and Commander8 will just automatically run again and remain running upon launch of ACDSee.w

    Worse still - Commander8 will return to the STARTUP tab and run upon reboot of your PC without your wanting it to.

    Renaming solves the problem. We just have to hope that ACDSee does not reprogram this application to crash or close when the app detects that those background services are not running...forcing us to re-enable them. I have been down this road with other programs before and eventually the devs caught on and did exactly that. So, I was forced to buy another, friendlier program.

  5. I deleted from startup in registry complete line connected with ACDSeeCommanderUltimate8 and that disappear from MSCONFIG also, didn't make problem at boot and for now it's like doesn't exist.
    just type in regedit search: ACDSeeCommanderUltimate8 and under startup you will see list from your msconfig startup (drivers, java, etc etc..), I removed completly that row connected with acdseecommander

    1. Hi Folks, don't forget that it also depends on which version of ACDSEE you have. In the example above the User is using the "Ultimate" version, but this will change if you are using the "Pro" version. Instead of searching for "ACDSeeCommanderUltimate8", just search for "ACDSeeCommander" instead. OR, I whipped up a quick batch file to do this for you.

      - Firstly, I'd STRONGLY suggest backing up your registry (you can Google how to do this - it's not very hard - just export it to a .reg file). After that, follow these steps:

      - Open Notepad.exe

      - Paste the following registry entries into Notepad:

      Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



      - NOTE: If you have the "Ultimate" version then you'll need to change the entry "ACDSeeCommanderPro8"=- to: "ACDSeeCommanderUltimate8"=-

      - Save the file and name it something like: "Stop_Commander_TaskBar_App_from_Running.reg"
      - NOTE: you need to make sure that you change the .txt extension to a .reg extension otherwise you wont be able to run it

      - Now simply double-click on the file to run it (you may need to right-click and run it as an Administrator).

      - You will get a message about adding or removing information from the registry is dangerous, blah blah blah. Just click "Yes" to continue.

      - You should now get a message that the Registry has been updated. The entries will now have been removed (including the InTouch app as well).

      - When you reboot your PC, it will not start up the app. I have tested this my own PC using Windows 8.1 and it worked :)

      If you don't trust my batch file, or if it doesn't work (maybe if you are using Windows 7 or older), then simply open your Registry and find the entries as listed above and delete them manually.

      Hope this helps. Once you have your .reg file, you can run it on any PC running ACDSEE ver 8.x (or if you ever re-install ACDSEE) which makes it a bit easier than renaming files etc. and also makes your Registry a little cleaner (renaming the files in Explorer doesn't actually remove the Registry entries).


    2. I forgot to add that the second line of the Reg key batch for the Ultimate version should be changed from "ACPW08EN"=- (which is the PRO version) to: "ACUW08EN"=-


  6. ...removing the entry in MSCONFIG doesn't matter, until you run ACDSee 8 again. After the start, ACDSee added the entries again. :-(

    1. Yeah, That's why you need to rename the files. They can't get loaded if ACDSee cant see them.

  7. Rename the executables. Don't bother removing commander from the startup in the registry or with msconfig. ACDSee will put it back next time it's run. Copy the DoNothing.exe to the offending file location(s). Rename DoNothing to match the files ACDSee wants to run.

    Get DoNothing.exe

  8. Yeah my windows 7 Ultimate SSD boot takes a few minutes, and a black screen, instead of a few seconds. :(

  9. Nice tip! Thank you. I completely agree with you that this is not very user friendly act from ACDsee...

  10. AHA! So THAT explains how I get the on-screen ads - ACD InTouch. I've disabled both, and have (hopefully) added to the queue in their bug-list about at LEAST adding an Exit option to future launchers. Thanks for the insight, Glen.

  11. Also very irritating: the continuïng message to upgrade (ACDSee 18 -> 18.2) while you're already upgraded. Think I will try to rename ACDSeeCommander18.exe and acdIDInTouch2.exe.

  12. Until v6 we could minimize AC into tray and it was possible to kill the program if the open windows did not responding any more. This option now is gone.

    Also keep in mind that the commander controls the indexer which is unavailable if the commander is not running.

  13. I didn't realize that indexer was controlled by the Commander. I wonder if that exclusively controls indexer?

    1. The indexer copies changes in IPTC or XMP meta data made with other program into the AC database. The database does not allow concurrent access, so AC must not be running when starting the indexer. The launcher is needed to start the indexer whenever the pc is idle and AC is terminated. I've never noticed AC itself starting the indexer. This can be check with the process explorer.

      But the indexer isn't of any use anyway, it does not recognise embedded AC meta data.

  14. What irritates me most is that I bought the "Complete pack" and of course I got a launcher for every freaking one of them as well as an add for the upgrades that appears constantly. I think using a paid program as a means to advertise your own stuff is just absurd. It's for that reason that I'm never upgrading again. I have Adobe CC which I use for the complex work. I generally use ACDsee for management since Bridge is just so lousy in comparison. And then when I need an occasional minor fix or something quick I'll just do it through ACDsee rather than launch an external app like CC. At least I don't get constantly harassed by Adobe to buy more.

    1. Well, to be fair, one comes with each product, but only one gets launched. And this article does tell you how to eliminate that nag screen, altogether. I will agree though, ACDSee causes far more harm to their marketing efforts than good.

      Why would anyone need the Complete pack? Who needs ACDSee 19, ACDSee Pro AND ACDSee Ultimate? They are, in effect, the same product with with optional, extensions.

      I understand they offer it, and I understand people do buy it, but I do not understand WHY!

  15. Thank you so much for posting this! Those nag screens were driving me nuts - especially the ones asking me to upgrade when I've already upgraded. Der ...

  16. Well Done!

    Works with v9 too

  17. Thank you Sir, Thius was killing me. I you have given me a way out, truly appreciated

  18. Many thanks... this was so annoying

  19. Thanks very much...
    Still annoying in 2020

  20. Yeah . . . my optimism was a bit premature, I guess!