Tuesday, February 17, 2015

ACDSee vs My Ignorance

I just realized that ACDSee Pro and Ultimate 8 "View Basket" (And , I assume the ACDSee Image viewer, I don't have that one.) has a really useful feature that I should have realized was there all along, but instead, had to work around my own ignorance for the last 3 years!

I break up my photos into physical folders based on some logic that seems appropriate at the time. For instance, If I have photos that I'm working on for an article I am writing, I will usually copy the photo into a separate folder structure like "Article Resources|Article XYZ", leaving the original photos in the main ACDSee file folder structure. If I want to compare the photos in the two folder structures, I place them in the View basket, highlight the two photos and use the "Compare photos" option.

If I need to travel to the folder in which one of the folders reside, I would go to the folders tree and navigate my way there! A royal PITA, it is slow and time consuming! But what I COULD have been doing is right click the photo in the image basket I am interested in, and select the "Go to File" selection. It will take me to the folder in which that photo resides. Slick! VERY slick!

The lesson of this story isn't really how dense I can be at times. The real lesson is that it never hurts to re-examine the menu selections of your favorite software you think you know pretty well with fresh eyes! You might find out the software designers are already one step ahead of you!

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